PCBa Application industry

PCBa Application industry
As the most common substrate/substrate material for PCB, FR-4 is commonly found in many electronic devices and is also the most common intelligent manufacture. Fr-4 (PCB) is made of fiberglass and epoxy resin in combination with a laminated copper cladding. Some of its main applications: computer graphics card, motherboard, microprocessor board, FPGA, CPLD, hard disk drive, RF LNA, satellite communication antenna feed, switching mode power supply, Android phone and so on.PCBa Application industry

With the rapid development of the printed circuit board industry, it has a significant role in medical equipment, industrial equipment, lighting and automotive and aerospace industries, introduce as below:

1: PCB application in medical equipment
The rapid progress of medical science is closely related to the rapid development of electronic industry. Many microbiological equipment and other equipment are single base PCB, such as: pH meter, heartbeat sensor, temperature measurement, ELECTRO cardiogram machine, ELECTRO encephalogram  machine, MRI imager, X-ray, CT scan, blood pressure machine, blood glucose level measuring equipment, incubator and some medical equipment

2: PCB application in industrial equipment
PCB are widely used in manufacturing industries, especially those with high-power mechanical equipment that runs on high power and requires high-current circuits. As a result, a thick layer of copper is pressed on top of the PCB, unlike complex electronic PCBS, which can run up to 100 amperes. This is particularly important in arc welding, large servo motor drivers, lead-acid battery chargers, military industry, clothing cotton machines and other applications.

3: PCB in the application of lighting
We see surrounding LED lights and high intensity leds. These small leds provide high brightness light and are mounted on PCB based on aluminum substrate. Aluminum has the property of absorbing heat and dissipating in the air. Therefore, due to high power, these aluminum circuit boards are commonly used in LED lamp circuits for medium and high power.

4: PCB applications in automotive and aerospace industries
In order to meet these high force vibrations, we use a PCB called Flex PCB to make the PCB flexible. Flexible PCBS are lightweight but can withstand high vibrations because of their light weight, so they can reduce the overall weight of the spacecraft.

5: In 5G era, communication PCB board has great potential
Prismark data shows that the proportion of communication field has increased significantly, and gradually replaced computers as the largest PCB application field. With the rapid development of communication technology and the commercialization of 5G in the future, The application of PCB in communication field will be further deepened.

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