Our one-stop service for you

1. Component sourcing.

2. PCB fabricatoin: All kinds PCB, including FPC,HDI board,FPC+HDI. Ability:Min trace width 0.075mm,Min trace space 0.075mm,Via hole size 0.1mm,Blind-buried via……

3. PCB assembly(PCBA): UAV,Robot,AI,Computer,Tablet PC,Solar energy,Industrial embedded computer,Wireless payment,Advertising machine,Smart home,Smart lock,Car seat TV,Display module of plane,Printer,IoT,Power battery of electric vehicle,GPS tracker,Meter,Industrial controller,Automation controller of energy saving system ECO,EV charger,Automatic temperature control system, High speed camera,Battery of aircraft&medical,Professional musical instrument,Smart electronics,TWS earphone,Projector,....THT parts solder.

4. PCB circuit design,prototyping.

5. 3D structure design,Mould design,Case production and Product assembly&packing.

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