Do you know what operation rules should be followed in PCBA patch processing?

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PCBA is the production process of PCB blank board through SMT first and then dip plug-in, which involves many fine and complex process flow and some sensitive components. If the operation is not standardized, it will cause process defects or component damage, affect product quality and increase processing cost. Therefore, in the PCBA chip processing, we need to abide by the relevant operating rules and operate strictly according to the requirements. The following is an introduction.

Operation rules of PCBA patch processing:

1. There should be no food or drink in the PCBA working area. Smoking is forbidden. No sundries irrelevant to the work should be placed. The workbench should be kept clean and tidy.

2. In PCBA chip processing, the surface to be welded can not be taken with bare hands or fingers, because the grease secreted by hands will reduce the weldability and easily lead to welding defects.

3. Reduce the operation steps of PCBA and components to the minimum, so as to prevent danger. In assembly areas where gloves must be used, soiled gloves can cause contamination, so frequent replacement of gloves is necessary.

4. Do not use skin protective grease or detergents containing silicone resin, which can cause problems in solderability and conformal coating adhesion. A specially prepared detergent for PCBA welding surface is available.

5. EOS / ESD sensitive components and PCBA must be identified with appropriate EOS / ESD marks to avoid confusion with other components. In addition, in order to prevent ESD and EOS from endangering sensitive components, all operations, assembly and testing must be completed on the workbench that can control static electricity.

6. Check the EOS / ESD worktable regularly to make sure they are working properly (anti-static). All kinds of hazards of EOS / ESD components can be caused by incorrect grounding method or oxide in grounding connection part. Therefore, special protection should be given to the joint of “third wire” grounding terminal.

7. It is forbidden to stack PCBA, which will cause physical damage. Special brackets shall be provided on the assembly working face and placed according to the type.

In order to ensure the final quality of products, reduce the damage of components and reduce the cost, it is necessary to strictly abide by these operation rules and operate correctly in PCBA chip processing.

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